rbm_cli - The rbm command line interface


rbm <action> <project> [options]


The rbm commands usually take as first argument an action, then a project’s name and some options.


Many of the configuration options that can be set in the main configuration file and projects configuration files can also be overriden with command line options. The name of the command line option is the same as the configuration file option, prepended with --, and with _ replaced by -. For instance "output_dir: out" in the configuration file can be replaced by "--output-dir=out".

The following options can be set on the command line :


Set the optional system configuration file path


Set the optional local configuration file path


Set the target. This option can be used multiple times to use more than one target. See rbm_targets(7) for details.


Set the output directory


Set the file where the build logs will be written. If the value is - (the default), the logs will be output on stdout and stderr.


Set the package version


Set package release number


The name of the linux distribution to build package for.


Whether latest commits should be fetched from remote git repository.


Enable or disable debug mode: open a shell in the temporary build directory in case of build failure.


This sets the current step when using the showconf command. When using the build command this is used to select the step (and build script of the same name) to start.


The git hash of the commit / tag to use.


The mercurial hash of the commit / tag to use.

--commit-gpg-id=<GPG ID>

Check the commit to be signed by this GPG key ID.

--tag-gpg-id=<GPG ID>

Check if the selected git hash is a tag and is signed by select GPG key ID.


GPG keyring filename.


Directory containing GPG keyring files


Optional gpg arguments.


Path to gpg binary.